Digital Edition

Digital Edition

ISSUE 258 : Drop-in demand

Are circular polymers on course to help the industry reach its sustainability targets? Features Polymer research  Noli Dinkovski reviews the latest renewable polymer innovation Legal threats The alleged environmental failings of brand owners come under scrutiny Carbon black Are carbon black-free alternatives up to the job? PET Ramping up circular ambitions Tethered caps Are brand owners closing in on tethered closures ahead of the EU’s mandatory requirement? Antimicrobial additives How one element is proving a deadly adversary...

ISSUE 257: Compostable packaging might be fashionable, but Daphna Nissenbaum wants an ensemble of legislation to help the movement grow

Compostables  How an industry-led coalition is laying down the groundwork for a compostable future Foodservice packaging  What future for food-to-go? Smart caps  Why flat soda pop may become a thing of the past Recycling  How one Egyptian firm is satisfying the growing need for bottle-to-bottle recycling Retort packaging  Are recyclable options the perfect foil or do they flatter to deceive? All4Pack Emballage Paris  The place for all things reusable and returnable Flexible packaging  An Indian company with...

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